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Job Reference 
Job Description 
Construction Type 
Cadet LC - Low cost with limited options
Champion - Best quality in standard controls
Custom - Unlimited options
UL Listing 
UL Serialized Label
No UL Label Needed
Enclosure NEMA Rating 
NEMA 1 Steel
NEMA 12 Steel
NEMA 3R Steel
NEMA 4 Steel
NEMA 4X Fiberglass
NEMA 4X 304 304 Stainless Steel
NEMA 4X 316 304 Stainless Steel
Inner Door 
Dead front with hinged inner door
No inner door needed
Enclosure Flood Stand 
24 inch mounting legs to convert wall mount panel to floor mount
Floor stand not needed
Line Specifications
Line Voltage 
120 volt
208 volt
240 volt
480 volt
Other specify:
Line Phase 
1 Phase
3 Phase No Neutral
3 Phase 4 Wire
Line Frequency 
50 Hz
60 Hz
Number of motors to control 
One motor - Simplex
Two motors - Duplex
Three motors - Triplex
Motor One HP 
Motor One FLA 
Motor Two HP 
Motor Two FLA 
Motor Three HP 
Motor Three FLA 
Main Disconnect 
Main disconnect (in addition to motor disconnects)
No Main disconnect needed
Motor Disconnect 
Motor circuit breaker(s)
Motor fused disconnect switch(es)
Motor fuses only - no individual disconnect(s)
No individual disconnect(s) or motor fuses required
Control Voltage 
120 volt AC
24 volt AC
240 volt AC
24 volt DC
Control Transformer 
No transformer needed
Selector Switch(es) 
Hand-Off-Auto selector switch for each motor
Off-On selector switch for each motor
No selector switches needed
Run Pilot Lights 
Run pilot light for each motor
No pilot lights needed
Elapsed Time Meters 
ETM for each motor
No ETM needed
Duplex alternator
Triplex alternator
Time clock alternator
No alternator needed
Moisture Detection 
Seal leak relays with pilot light and shutdown for each motor
Seal leak light only - no relay or shutdown for each motor
No seal leak protection needed
Motor Temp Switch 
Temp switch terminals - shutdown motor on high temp for each motor
Temp switch with pilot light for each motor (auto restart)
Latching temp switch with pilot light and reset button for each motor
No temp switch shutdown needed
Alarm Dome Light 
Alarm dome light - polycarbonate
Alarm strobe light - polycarbonate
Alarm light with glass globe and guard
No alarm light needed
Audible Alarm 
Piezo alarm with silence button
Multitone alarm horn with silence button (extremely loud 82 to 99 dBA)
Alarm bell with silence
No audible alarm needed
Auxiliary Alarm Contacts 
Alarm contacts for remote monitoring
No alarm contacts needed
Auxiliary Motor Run Contacts 
Motor run contacts for remote monitoring
No run contacts needed
Simulation Buttons 
Float switch simulation buttons
No float test buttons needed
Cabinet heater 
Enclosure 25 watt anti-condensate strip heater with thermostat
Enclosure 100 watt fan heater with thermostat
No enclosure heater needed
Convenience outlet 
200 watt GFI style convenience outlet
15 amp GFI convenience out with extra capacity transformer
15 amp GFI convenience outlet fed from remote 120v circuit
20 amp GFI convenience outlet fed from remote 120v circuit
Convenience outlet not needed
Single Phase Start Components 
Mounting and space for customer supplied 1PH start relay, start capacitor and run capacitor
1PH start components not needed