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TLC Controls Incorporated uses the latest technologies in the design and building of control panels. With our 40 years of experience we can blend the old reliable methods with the newest technologies to provide controls that work reliably for years yet priced competitively. We often make suggestions to consulting engineers and customers when we find an alternate method using newer technologies that may provide greater efficiency at a lower cost. Please give us a call to discuss your application.  The following information touches base on a few of the technologies which TLC has expertise and has successfully implemented.

Give us a call at 800-952-0070 or send a note here!



TLC has extensive PLC programming experience with a wide variety of programmable logic controllers (PLC). Our PLC manufacturer of choice is Allen-Bradley. We have integrated Allen-Bradley PLC's into our control systems since beginning in the 80's with the SLC-100, progressing to the SLC-500 and MicroLogix series and now the ControlLogix series. No matter which PLC is specified, you can be confident in having TLC as your PLC system provider.



TLC is an ABB Variable Frequency Drive specialist. We have found that utilizing ABB drives whenever possible provide the most reliable controls. With over 30 years experience using ABB VFDs we can provide the ideal match for your process requirements.



Communication and monitoring of control panels seems to be the norm these days. TLC Controls has been incorporating communication into control panels since alarm dialers were developed 40 years ago. Today we can integrate a variety of communication methods to monitor our control systems. Hard wired systems are still popular including alarm dialers and leased line modems. Wireless applications are very popular using license free spread spectrum radios. We also have cellular links for internet monitoring and SMS (text messaging). We are proficient in several communication protocols including Modbus, DF1, DH+, Devicenet, Controlnet, Canbus, over Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232/485 and can link to a variety of building automation systems (BMS).



TLC control panels are designed and built to UL508 standards and are provided with Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) per NEC 409. The interrupting capacity provided is based on the ratings on the individual components used in the control panel. Typical SCCR ratings are from 5k to 100k amps; however we can design a control panel to match your application and field requirements. Our engineers will coordinate components from various manufacturers to assemble a control system to match requirements and still stay on budget.



Aquavx is the SCADA alternative at the cost of an auto-dialer, tailored to sanitation districts, the small village or township water and wastewater departments.

Whether you need to monitor a single or multiple lift stations or elevated tanks and well pumps , the Aquavx package gives you a complete turn-key monitoring solution. The status of any station may be viewed locally on the Aquavx Scout RTU or remotely via the Aquavx web site. Users are notified of critical events via text, email or voice messaging. Aquavx gives you as little or as much information as you select – and at an affordable price. Aquavx offers a variety of service offerings from which to choose. Service agreements include cellular service, web communications, 24/7 tech support and, typically cost less than a landline!

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